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PS6100 Induced Positron Analysis (IPA)
Explore Induced Phase Analysis options including Positron's PS6100 measurement system.

PS6100 IPA Products

The PS6100 IPA measurement system enables fully automated measurements of a sample. Each acquisition performed on a part, including component setup and positioning, data acquisition, and post-processing, is completely controlled by the system to ensure accurate and repeatable IPA measurement data.

Phase Contrast Analysis (PCA)
Learn how you can utilize Phase Contrast Analysis for your non-destructive evlauation needs.

PCA Products

Phase Contrast Analysis (PCA) is a non-destructive evaluation method that utilizes advanced radiography. PCA involves a compact, mono-energetic x-ray source with tune-able energy that produces superior imageing through the optimization of both absorption contrast and phase contrast. This technology has very low radiation emissions and operates in a "shirt-sleeve" environment.

Test Centers and Test Development Centers


Positron currently has test centers in Idaho, Tennessee, and India. Each of our current test service centers develops new testing applications for our customers. We can administer testing on behalf of your company and also offer The Test Development Center (TDC) for customers who want to establish testing services for themselves and/or others - but who also wish to develop tests themselves under license.